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What's an ExpSheet?

An ExpSheet shows skills and experience levels of job candidates in an easy to read format.
Items on an ExpSheet include a list of Skills & their level of Experience, Work History, Education level & Degrees, Awards & Certifications, Conferences & Training Events,Languages Spoken, Countries Visited, Volunteering experience, and Hobbies & Interests.

A Resume often has pages of verbiage that employers don't bother reading. They look for keywords of skills that are relevant to their open position. Employers routinely conduct interviews asking candidates if they have certain job related skills and what their level of experience is. An ExpSheet can help in both of these situations by narrowing down a list of potential candidates with relevant job skills, and can help jump-start an interview by understanding their level of experience.Other things like countries visited, and hobbies and interests are fun conversation starters!


  • Enter in skills and your level of experience per skill.
  • Get noticed by employers who may be looking for your particular skills and experience.
  • Share a link to your ExpSheet in a Resume, Cover Letter, Job Application, or social media profile.

  • Employers

  • Find employees with the skills, and amount of experience, that your company needs.
  • Ask job candidates to fill out an ExpSheet so you can see their skills and experience levels.
  • Print out a candidates' ExpSheet and bring it to the interview.

  • Peers

  • Agree with your peers assessment? Let them know and give them a thumbs up!

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